New Features in Response to COVID-19

ACUSTAF INTRODUCES NEW FEATURES TO SUPPORT HEALTHCARE NEEDS DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC BLOOMINGTON, MINN. June 24, 2020 – To meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, AcuStaf Development Corporation (AcuStaf) has introduced important new features in its scheduling and staffing software product. New features include: COVID-19 hour labels, work assignments, and premium labels that allow healthcare facilities to track and report, in real time, all activities related to COVID-19, whether direct, indirect, or benefit-related; Tracing capability that identifies employees (a) caring for patients awaiting test results, (b) deemed high-risk due to personal health issues, (c) unable to work in direct patient care areas, (d) exposed to patients with positive test results, and (e) exposed to family members or others with positive or pending test results; and FFCRA tracking for COVID-19 leave of absence and quarantine status with payroll automation. In concert with these new features, AcuStaf is answering the pandemic by deploying rapid-implementation teams that can remotely install the software and provide initial virtual training for new facilities in a matter of days. Both new and existing customers are empowered to make informed decisions, helping meet patients’ individual care needs while improving outcomes and satisfaction as COVID-related concerns have grown. “Early on in this pandemic, AcuStaf recognized the potential impacts healthcare customers would face, and we took immediate action,” said Lora Holland, AcuStaf’s Chief Operating Officer. “As we look forward, AcuStaf will continue to innovate, anticipating the demands presented by COVID-19,” she continued.  “The

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Labor Management Institute, Inc.

Our Newest Partner: Labor Management Institute, Inc.

AcuStaf Development Corporation (AcuStaf) announced their selection of Labor Management Institute, Inc., (LMI) to develop educational content and training programs for scheduling, staffing, FTE budgeting, position control, productivity benchmarking and workforce management.

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